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User Guides

Our user guides are designed to give you an overview of specific features in the application. If you are trying to launch a webstore, expand your operations to multi-store or simply learn some shortcuts, these User Guides will give you the assistance you need.

Document Name
QuickStart Guide
The QuickStart Guide is essential for new users. It provides a detailed review of concepts and program navigation plus a "Quick Tour" of the major store operations
Sept 2016
WebStore Guide
The WebStore Guide provides an in-depth review of concepts, setup, and deployment of the seamlessly integrated WebStore component of Retail Dog.
Sept 2016
MultiStore Guide
The Multi-Store Guide is essential for companies with multiple stores. It explains the concepts and functionality for multi-store operations and the data synchronization process.
Sept 2016
Keyboard Guide
The Keyboard Shortcut Guide provides a quick reference of different keyboard shortcuts designed to enhance speed when using Retail Dog.
Sept 2016